Sometimes it makes better dollars and cents to remodel an existing facility rather than build from scratch. We help Rescue Missions look at all the options and find the best path to meet their needs in the economical way.

Faith City Rescue Mission, Amarillo, TX, was able to buy a 100 acre Christian Youth Camp facility and convert it into their men’s, women’s, and women with their children recovery campus.


The community center was built to house the main dining room, class rooms, indoor recreational facilities, an outdoor dining patio and BBQ, and a swimming pool.

We designed the remodel to give a community atmosphere to the recovery clients, while giving them spaces to relax and have recreation.


The chapel was an A-frame, 1960’s style building. The director wanted a “Texas/Alamo” style façade. We designed a new façade and remodeled the interior with a rustic style, western theme.

This is the center of the facility keeping the client’s recovery focused on Jesus Christ.


The bottom line in any project is finding the money to make it all happen – whether redesign or new build.

As we continue to work with Rescue Missions and other Ministries we are reminded that there are grants available today like never before; the Federal Home Loan Bank and New Market Tax Credits are able to fund up to 40-45% of the Capital Campaign funds needed.

As the ONLY architectural firm specializing in Rescue Mission design and through over three decades of experience in functional facilities, we are able to maximize the opportunity for grant funding.